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Monday, November 21, 2011
@ 3:00 AM

Back to blogging after awhile ! ^^ Cosplay has been draining my funds currently D8 So I'm searching for moneyyy. Money money,please fall from the sky @.@

@ 3:00 AM

Back to blogging after awhile ! ^^ Cosplay has been draining my funds currently D8 So I'm searching for moneyyy. Money money,please fall from the sky @.@

Thursday, December 2, 2010
Bored . :x @ 2:40 AM

I was bored so here I am typing this post . Today I paid and collected my costume and my lucky star bracelet . ^~^ So happy . But I tried on the wig and it wasn't nice or maybe I don't really know how to wear D: Oh well . Got the hazel contacts too , I have to practise dammit. +_+ Gah , I don't even know what to type -- Oh well , I'll end it here...for now :)

Friday, November 26, 2010
Back ♥ @ 1:32 AM

Konnichiwa everyone :D I am back to blogging again C: So just some random updates :D

------I got back my psle results and it totally was not what I expected it to be ): 226 . I was actually hoping for like 230+ . So disappointed but I can't let that bring me down . I have to study hard in secondary school and get great marks for O Levels I'm aiming to go to Bowen Seconday :D Wish me luck :)

My choices ♥
1.Bowen Secondary School
2.Edgefield Secondary School
3.North Vista Secondary School
4.Serangoon Secondary School
5.Serangoon Garden Secondary School
6.Holy Innocents' Secondary School

------I'm planning to cosplay at STGCC also known as Singapore Toy,Games and Comic Convention which is held from 10 Dec to 12 Dec. So come and support me alrights ? :D Pretty please with a cherry on top ♥

------I'm probably gonna be inactive next year since I have to focus on my studies but I'll do my best to keep writing posts :D

Thats about it . Thanks for reading this lame(?) post ♥


Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Little Dimples @ 10:27 AM

ITS A CUTEEE SONGG THAT EVERYONE MUST KNOW! :) JJ lin is so cute here with his dimples and charlene is so pretty with her long eyelashes :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Hello world! :) @ 6:50 AM

Now currently loading a drama :)
< Nobuta Wo Produce Think it will be nice :DD . For once not watching a romance drama xD . Recently I have been watching 100% entertainment alot! (A Funny Taiwan Variety show starring Xiao Zhu(Show Luo) and Xiao Gui(Huang Hong Sheng) ) I now have a wish . :) I want Raine Yang's Xiao Hua and Show Luo's Lin Da Lang to star in a drama ): They fit each other so well , Look!

Lin da lang and Xiao Hua!! :) Btw , I really must hand it to Raine Yang , she must do Xiao Hua's annoying voice throughout the whole drama without any editing .

Raine Yang singing with Xiao Hua's voice . She's really good and Yes thats how she talks and do actions in the drama :) And Tang Men(Wilbur Pan) is her couple in the drama .

Show luo dancing like Lin da lang . He's really good at making those exaggerating expressions

So yeah really wish they can be in a drama together. ANDDD another drama with Raine Yang and Wilbur Pan , love them too :D


Thursday, June 3, 2010
Another Day @ 5:46 AM

-Pastes a happy sad face sticker here-

Well today was a happy day until the MAPS program . CO was fun and the song was fun to play even though it was hard . :] Ate lunch with Han En and Jermin(she was just looking though o-o) then went to backgate :D Han En and Jermin bought bubble tea(Hanen also bought mentos (: . ) , mocha coffee flavour while I just bought the mentos sweet . Its rainbow ! :) Oooh! By the Way , Notice my new blogskin ? :D I decided to go for something simple :) Cute ehs?:) Haha , I'm just making a fool out of myself . Today didn't get to see him much ): Oh wells!I feel that our MAPS teacher so kelian ): All the boys keep talking siah , irritating lor them . Oh well ! Boys will be boys ._. I'll upload random photos tomorrow if I have the time . Lazy go upload now :> After MAPS , went home with Jemine , Qaisara and Bee Ling . At first Rebecca was following us but once she saw the bus , she ran off in a flash ._. I bought chocolate :D . Qaisara bought the grape drink thingy and the famous amos cookies :) Jemine bought mash potato and a drink which flavour I have forgotten due to my short term memory . Ehehee <: Today was a HAPPY SAD Normal Day . Hopefully tomorrow will be better . :)

Byebye :)

You think you know me but I'm changing all the time.

Ni Hao . My name is Sandi and i think koreans are haawt. ;)

I'm 12 this year , birthday's on 10th April
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